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Max Franz's Knife and Strike DVD

Max Franz's Knife and Strike DVD review

I've known and trained with the author, Max, for close to a decade now so seeing his brand-new DVD on Vladimir Vasiliev's desk was bound to grab my attention. On a personal level, it takes a lot of knowledge, skill and confidence to put together a video that hundreds of people will see and compare against those by Vasiliev or Ryabko. For that alone, my respect and congratulations go out to the author.

In "Knife and Strike", Max was able to balance a large volume of information and attention to detail that complex exercises require. There is not a minute of redundant footage in the video despite its length; it is focused and engaging so you don't get bored or get a desire to fast-forward. It took me a couple of days just to watch it all, mostly because I felt urged to go back and review each logical section of the film.

The DVD is not devised to exhibit fancy fighting moves or one's combat mastery. Instead, it breaks those down into a step-by-step training methodology which anyone can follow and realistically improve his or her skills. In other words, unlike many instructional videos that focus on demonstrating the final result, this one is focused on getting it.

The viewer receives step-by-step clear and executable directions, as well as to-the-point explanations to support the demos. The instructor literally takes you through each exercise as the class progresses and does not let your attention wander.

Among other things, the instructional covers some infrequently addressed aspects of Systema such as simultaneous work with both hands, using knife for defense, and, my personal favorite, health aspects such as breathing and massage for restoring your body after training (or a real combat engagement as the case may be).

The bottom line: The DVD is certainly a worthy investment for Systema students and instructors alike.



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