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Class on Mar 17, 2011

Unfortunately, no warm-up today for me, missed it completely.


Ex 1: Walk around the gym on your own breathing and go down and up at your own pace (and without rushing).

Ex 2: Continue walking and practice going down by lunging backward, forward, and sideways.

  • Forward: With your upper body straight, do a forward lunge on either leg similar to a fencer's lunge. In other words, make a long step forward with the leg you chose and squat on it as it lands while keeping the upper body facing forward and the other leg straight (of course, its heel will have to get off the floor so only the ball of the foot touches the ground).
    As your body gets to the lowest possible point of the lunge and cannot go down further, rotate the hip of the rear-standing (straight) leg outward until the butt faces down so the lunging leg and your body turn around 180 degrees. Once the butt reaches its lowest point, continue squatting on the bent leg until you sit down completely.


Basics of falling 1 - Oct 27, 2010

This is a perfect training progression to learn how to dynamically fall on the ground and get up, as well as use going down as a means of escape from an attack.


Ex 1: Go down and continuously move with on the floor breathing. Ideally, touch and go over other people but do not pay attention or try to plan their movement – just move and avoid contact if neighbors touch you.

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