Class 1 on Feb 17, 2011


Ex 1: Crawl backward and forward using your shoulders (no hands), both on your back and chest. This is described in a previous class notes – you lift your body up on one shoulder and move the other forward.

Ex 2: Split in pairs. One partner lies down on his back and the other crawls over him, both forward and backward, facing up and down (first #2 lies on his back, then turns over onto the chest).

Ex 3: #2 stands up and bends forward to make his back flat and parallel to the floor, hands placed on the knees for balance. #1 puts his body (around the belly button area) across #2's back and slides down into a roll with exhale.

Tip: It is easier for #1 to keep the body straight at first so that when the upper body starts descending over #2's back, the legs automatically go up.


Ex 1: Fold a four-foot chain in half, grab both open ends in one hand and start lightly hit #2's muscles with the other end of the chain.

Ex 2: The chain is still folded in half. Grab it with both hands at the ends and start rotating it between the hands away from you. Lightly hit to massage your partner's muscles with the rotating middle part of the chain. Start from chest down, then go behind the partner and massage from the top of his back down.

Ex 3: Partners face each other. #2 lifts and stretches his arms sideways. #1 unfolds the chain, takes it at an end with one hand and lightly swings it from above or below onto #2's arms. #2's job is to let the chain wrap around his arm.

Tip: The secret is to let the chain's weight do the hitting, not the arm that swings it. To let the chain wrap around his arm, #2 turns the arm in the same direction just when the chain touches it (work from contact). #2 can move the arm slightly forward or backward to meet the chain at the right point (between the middle and one third of its length from the striking end).

After a while, #1 starts swinging the chain at the legs up to the hip level. #2 lifts his leg bent in the knee so that the chain wraps around his ankle.

Tip: #2 has to time his move and adjust to the length of the chain and the distance to the attacker so that the tip of the chain does not hit his limbs as the chain wraps. Ideally, #2 should touch the chain at about 1/3 of its length from the tip.

Ex 4: Same as Ex 3 but now #2 grabs and pulls the chain after it is wrapped around his arm or leg to take it away from the attacker.

Tip: Pull the chain by moving back your elbow and do not raise your shoulder as you do so. If you were using your leg, let the chain wrap around it as in Ex 3 and take the chain away by putting the leg down on the floor.

Ex 5: Same as Ex 4; both partners take turns swinging the chain and taking it from each other continuously.

Ex 6: #1 swings the chain horizontally onto #2's chest. #2 takes the chain on the body and turns the body at the moment of contact to stretch the chain its full length and prevent it from hitting the chest head-on.

Ex 7: #1 swings the chain the same way as in prior exercises. #2 touches the chain with his hand at about the middle so it "breaks" (folds in half) on its way to the target and then directs the striking end of the chain back toward the attacker. Alternatively, #2 can go under the chain while "breaking" the chain and directing it toward the attacker with his hand from underneath.

Both partners need to move and breathe continuously.

Ex 8: Put the chains down. At this point your body is mobile and ready to move its various parts asynchronously. #1 starts continuously pushing #2; #2 moves away from contact.

Ex 9: #2 goes down on the floor; #1 walks toward him and kicks and #2 escapes.

Ex 10: #2 goes up and down, #1 pushes with firsts or legs.

Ex 11: Free work – partners move, grab escape, go up down, kick, push, punch, and slap each other.