Escapes from holds and locks, 2014 - Part 2

Took me a while to publish notes from the second part of the seminar, but here we go. Thanks for your patience and hope my readers find this useful.

Ex 22: #1 grabs and holds #2 in a crowd by both hands at the wrists. #2 turns the wrists to release the grip and grabs #1 by the shirt. After that, #2 puts both thumbs out and presses them into the ribs to bring #1 up on his toes due to the pain shock and move him through the crowd using his body as a shield.


Escapes from holds and locks, 2014 - Part 1

These notes are from the Escapes from Holds and Locks seminar held at Systema Headquarters in Toronto at the end of 2014.

First exercises are designed to teach a basic skill to not to get stuck with tension when being held, locked, or grabbed.

Ex 1: Start with a slow push-up rotating the shoulders to not get stuck with tension (on the count of 10 up, 10 down, push the floor instead of pushing your body away from the floor when going up).


Movement - putting it all together and staing in charge - Demo - Dec 25, 2014

The demo below summarizes and builds on prior movement-related posts to add tactics and control of the situation by the defender (i.e., defender's ability to be the leader in a fight rather than a follower).

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