Escape from grabs - Sep 24, 2015

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Escape from grabs - Sep 24, 2015
Understanding escape options
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Methods of escape from grabs range from movement (i.e., stepping away from the grabbing arm) to going down to the ground.

Objectively, the available range of options depends on the distance to the opponent (long, medium, short), the level of the incoming attack (neck, shoulders, legs, etc.) and defender's timing (at which point the defender reacted).

Subjectively, or phsychologically, defender's response is largely defined by the level of confidence and the comfort in close proximity to the attacker. For example, if the defender is not sure how to escape, there will be no confidence in his moves which will affect the timing, position, ability to move, etc.

An experienced instructor will be able to tell at a glance which of the factors need to be worked on in each particualr case. For example,

  • To perfect the timing, one can practice working in sync with the attacker, i.e., at the exact same even pace
  • To reduce the fear of the attack, breathe continuously and let the attacker grab a few times at the very beginning; after that, your body will know what to expect; known fear is a lot easier to process
  • To build up confidence, start at a very slow pace and think your movement through; as you respond to the attack, take a pause to observe where you and the attacke rare uncomfortable, unbalanced, or tense, and adjust your position as necessary. Note that making oneself pause and adjust is not easy, it takes patience and discipline. Confidence will come as the attacker gradually increases pace and removes pauses between the grabs; that is, progresses to continous grabs.


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