Movement - putting it all together and staing in charge - Demo - Dec 25, 2014

The demo below summarizes and builds on prior movement-related posts to add tactics and control of the situation by the defender (i.e., defender's ability to be the leader in a fight rather than a follower).

Note the use of cross-step to move around the attacker at a safe distance and to get into a comfortable striking position while escaping continuous attacks.

The key part here is to use hips to give legs and body proper momentum for their movement while keeping straight posture and staying balanced.

This circling method complements the prior post on stepping behind the opponent at a short and middle range.



#1 Jerome Laigret 2015-01-15 14:39
Hi Ivan,
First of all Happy New Year 2015 to you and your beloved ones !
Great video as usual and thank you for your contribution to the Systema community. ;-)
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